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Pomegranate +sticker+ dePROGRAMMer & more

$23.00 / Sold Out

Limited edition new album with hologramic sticker
plus the new mixtape and a digital download card
for Postcards Revisited album while supplies last.

Pomegranate is an audio trip through history of people.
It is divided into 15 chapters plus footnotes to total 16, one-word titled tracks, which talk about different aspects of human society and it's current burden of being thrown out of paradise (Eden) after tasting the forbidden fruit of knowledge.
Beat makers submitted production from New York, Cali, Buratia and Cambodia, giving the album a unique signature sound, each track blending, but varying stylistically.

Album also features guest vocals from JakTripper​, Tame One, BURNTmd​, Breezly Brewin and Blowfly​, plus original artwork by Ron Sellner